College life dating

DATING LIFE IN COLLEGE Life in college is a whole new experience especially if you’re leaving home for the first time.In college you are free to make any decision about your life and surely opportunities will present themselves. There are so many people in that small community of staff and students with different qualities.MAKE SURE YOU ARE COMPATIBLE The worse thing that could happen to someone in any relationship is if they are not dating someone they are compatible with. If you are really focused on making good grades and graduating with good honors, you don’t want to end up with someone who doesn’t care about books or is a big time party goer and drinker.

I feel that they are both missing out on being young people even though their relationship is really happy. Personally, I have no need or want to “experience” multiple people and I definitely don’t see that as the point of college.If you have a happy and balanced relationship, having a significant other during your college years isn’t going to hurt you or ruin your experience. You can absolutely still get the most out of college without sleeping around – hooking up with lots of people might make a great experience for some people, but everyone is different. Don’t try to string anyone along, it may end badly.BE SURE WHAT YOU WANT IN A RELATIONSHIP When you finally decide that you want to be in a relationship with someone, be sure what you really want.

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